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World wide distribution

Anders RPosted by Anders Rofstad Sunday, April 06 2008 22:50:46
Hi again

A month has gone since the release of the album, and I have thus far consentrated on the local area. The cd is for sale in a few loqal stores.

but as of this weekend, that has changed.

I can now brag about beeing given a world wide distribution. NO, I have not been contacted by the big record companies.. :-)

but you can order my album through
they ship world wide. As a part of their distribution I'm also signed up for digital distribution. meening that it is posible to download the album as mp3 files in some areas. given a bit more time, it wil also be found in the i-tunes store and other digital music stores...

I am also working on getting the albums out in more loqal stores. I will update the list as soon as I have the albums out...

'appy days!

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