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The Novel Within, due for release

Anders RPosted by Anders Rofstad Friday, February 22 2008 20:31:44
kvål 22/02-2008

The Novel Within is now back from the factory.

the album goes out to a few local stores (and even a few not so local ones) on march 10th.

confirmed stores as of today is:
Esso Melhus
Esso Lundamo
Esso Heimdal sentrum
Prix Kvål
Hydro Texaco Kvål
Platebaren Finnsnes

If these shops is way out of your reach, you can order the cd directly from me. Just drop me a line at: , and we'll take it from there

retail price is Nok 150,-

for those of you outside Norway, the list is as follows:
EUR: 20,-
USD: 28,-
GBP: 15,-
SEK: 170,-
DKK: 140,-

(all prices includes post and packing)

I also have a new myspace site up and running, with soundbytes from the album.
just follow this link:

I'll continue to keep this blogg uppdated with news so please stay tuned

have a great weekend folks

cheers 'n' 'appy days!!!


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